Boko Haram is a product of Poverty- Shuluwa

Posted: June 26, 2012 in BENUE, Uncategorized
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Boko Haram is a product of Poverty- Shuluwa

Elder statesman and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP, Chieftain, Chief
Abu King Shuluwa, has declared that the prevalent menace of BokoHaram
in the north has been occasioned by the level of poverty in the north.
He also debunked allegations that the state of unrest in the north
championed by this group is religion motivated, noting that the
exponents of that belief are rather uneducated about the problems of
Nigeria. According to him, the unrests are a product of the
dissatisfaction felt by the north due to the jettisoning of the
erstwhile zoning formula adopted in 1999 by the PDP.
Fielding questions from newsmen in his Makurdi residence yesterday,
King Shuluwa informed that he had allied to the views of the former
National Security Adviser, Owoye Azazzi, when he declared that
abandoning of zoning brought about Boko Haram.
Also in a press release the elder statesman, who was speaking on
behalf of the Tiv Elders and Stake holders Forum, stated the group’s
agitation for the creation of three states out of the present Benue
state. According to him the states had met the population mass and
viability criteria of state allocation.
While on the issue of state creation, the PDP chieftain decried the
lobbying culture in Nigeria, as according to him all thing deemed to
be done on merit. He note that in the area of state creation one
needed not to lobby as once the state thus agitated met the spelt out
According to him the group is also advocating for the statutory
financial independence of the judiciary and legislature in order to
reduce undue executive intervention in the processes of legislation
and adjucation.
Chief Shuluwa noted that appointments and Political party loyalty were
the bane of financial prudence in the Local Government structure,
advocating thus that there should be supervision from the federal
government to ensure that Local Governments get their due funds and in
turn are channeled to the intended purposes.

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