IG Petitioned over Shoddy Investigation of Slain Fireman

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Uncategorized


The family of Retired Fire fighter, Mr. Luka Ayabam, has written a petition to  the Inspector General of Police, demanding the rearrest of the Director General Staff Administration for Gwer Local Government, Benue state over his alledged involvement in the murder of Mr. Ayabam.
The family through their attorney, Elohim Chambers, have alledged that the police did not carry out a thorough a proper investigation into the matter thus facilitating the exonoration of their principal suspect, Mr. Salem Atsehe.
The family has also questioned the inability of the police to arrest another suspect, one Mr. Masha, whom they claim is an accomplice to the crime.
In the petition which accused the police of conducting a shoddy investigation, the family has also  sought to know why the police had refused to conduct an Identity Parade even after another suspect, Mr. Terseer Amache had in a confessional statement indicted the prime suspect of involvement in the crime. According to the petition, the police had hastily arraigned Mr. Atsehe to court in a bid to excuse him from identification by the confessor.
The family therefore has demanded that the Inspector General of Police orders a a proper investigation of the case in a bid to unravel the real murderers of Mr. Ayabam. It also pleads that an order of arrest be given in the arrest and interrogation of Mr. Masha for his suspected involvement in the matter.
Meanwhile it has been gathered that the prime suspect, Mr. Salem Atsehe who could not be reached at the time of filling this report, has variously insisted on his innocence in the matter, stating that he was unjustly accused.
When contacted over the matter, Public Relations Officer, Benue state Command, Asp. Alaribe Ejike, noted that the police had not intentionally let off Mr. Atsehe as claimdd by the family but were coersed to do so by the culprit when he got a court order demanding his immediate trial. According to Alaribe, because Atsehe was tried and discharged before the confessor’s statement it made it difficult to conduct the Identity Parade as demanded by the family.
He further noted that the police did not set the suspect free but it was the Department for Public Prosecution (DPP), whom had the right to decide which case to continue, that allowed for Atsehe’s bail.
It could be recalled that on October 30, 2011, unknown gunmen entered into the home of one Mr. Luka Thaddeus Ayabam in Gboko and gruesomely killed him in cold blood. The family of the deceased then lodged a report to the police in which they stated their suspicion of Mr. Salem Atsehe whom they suspected on,the grounds that he had prior to the unfortunate event threatened to kill the deceased during a dispute over a parcel of land.

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