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The Benue State Enviromental and Sanitation Agency (BENSESA), has reiterated its resolve to clear all mechanics and vulcanisers off streets and highways into proper garages and mechanic sites.
Speaking to atiterkula, the General Manager, BENSESA, Mr. Ediga Akpa, noted that the agency was bent on obtaining a clean state capital. According to him the raid and subsequent ban on vulcanisers in makurdi metropolis was still in existence but the tempo had died owing to an agreement between the vulcanisers and the agency.
He also regreted that the vulcanisers had reneged on their agreement to relocate to proper sites such as petrol stations and mechanic workshops. He had earlier informed that the association and its members had agreed that they will relocate into proper sites while the Agency had waivered operation in the outskirts of Makurdi metropolis.
He further allayed insinuations that his board was witch hunting the vulcanisers for their alleged support for the opposition. He said the board is not partisan and thus had no reason to witch hunt any set of people even though he had been appointed by a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), government.
“BENSESA is not of PDP but of Benue state, we are not partisan but here to deliver on our promises of making Benue State more conducive and clean. We are not moved by cheap blackmail. We are all here and will witness what will happen”. He noted.
Mr. Akpa also advised residents of Makurdi to assist the Agency in her duty of keeping the envioronment clean especially during the fast approaching rainy season. He stated that the Agency had embarked on mass clearing of drainages to avoid the constant floods occasioned by the rainy season.

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