My Mission is to Deliver Makurdi to PDP- Hon. Audu

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The caretaker committee chiarman for Makurdi Local Government, Hon. Fidelis Audu has revealed that the real reason behind his re-appointment as caretaker chairman was a move to make sure his party the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), wins the upcoming local government elections in his local government.
Hon. Audu who spoke to atiterkula in a chat , noted that his mission was to mend the severed relationships in the local government and also calm nerves of the opposition.
” my present appointment is a product of my previous performance during my last outing. I have a record of conducting peaceful elections and also the Governor believes I am one of the people that can deliver Makurdi to the PDP without rancour. I did it before and my records speak for me.” He affirmed.
The caretaker Chairman also dispersed rumours that he is in the race for the elective post of chairmanship of the local government. According to him, he had the mandate to deliver the local government to the PDP but he further mentioned that even though he has no intention of running, if the people so desire that he contests he may have to give in to the pressure.
“…if the people decide and it becomes a clarion call, i have no choice . As for me I have no intention to contest, my dream is no longer to be chiarman, I want to serve my people in another capacity.” Hon. Audu declared.
Commenting on the security situation in his local government, Hon. Audu noted that although Makurdi has been relatively calm, there has been a recent upsurge of cult related killings which he frowned at. He intimated that, he had already summoned the youth in the affected areas and tasked them with the security of their areas in effect the menance has calmed down.
Speaking on the recent communal clash at the Agboughl community, the Chairman blamed the continous clash between the two warring parties on the state government. He said when the crisis first reared its head, his pedecessor, Hon. Godwin Donko had been instructed to hand over land in the affected area to the state government for demarcation but unfortunately since that was done, no move has been made to that end.

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