Former Benue State Governor and Senate Minority Leader, Sen. George Akume, until 2011 was known to be one of the pillars of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), at many a fora he has been acreddited with the ascension of his succesor, Governor Gabriel Suswam, to he exalted seat of Executive Governor of Benue State.
Akume a seasoned civil servant and administrator, has turned a warrior of some sort, since his sojourn into partisan politics in 1998.
When the Abdusalami Abubakar administration raised the ban on political activities, he joined and contested for the position of Executive Governor in the PDP, a party where political heavy weights like Sen. Barnabas Gemade and Sen. Iorchia Ayu held sway.
He won and ran the state for eight years for these eight years, a period in which Akume fought numerous battles. These batles began with the plot which allegedly pushed Sen. Gemade. Akume at the begining of his tenure was torn between loyalty to Ayu and Gemade; in the course of this tussle for power, he chose to align with his former boss Sen. Ayu, a move so detested by Gemade who also attributed Akume’s success to his financial largeese. For the better part of the former governor’s eight years in office he had a running battle with Gemade.
In the bid to remain afloat in the heat of this battle, Akume, created alliance with Sen. David Mark, former Governor and Senator representing Benue- South senatorial District. The duo of Akume and Ayu stood by the then governor supporting him in his antagonism of Gemade. Even when Iorchia Ayu’s benefactor, Alh. Atiku Abubakar, disagreed with President Obasanjo and the PDP, causing him and his field marshal, Ayu to move into the Action Congress (AC), Akume still maitained his relationiship with the later, though in a covert manner.
Akume’s battles in his tenure as governor did not stop with Gemade, he also had a long standing fued with Wantaregh Paul Unongo, a misunderstanding that lasted for over seven years of his eight in government, for the leadership of the state. Also at the battle front against Akume during this period were sen. Joseph K. Waku, Hon Mike Mku and even Gen. Lawrence Onoja, who was disfavoured to please Akume’s ally- David Mark.
As long as Akume held sway at the food basket government house, he kept these battle fronts, but in,a twist of events in 2007, the former governor, re-evaluated his alliances and battles courting new friends and adopting a new class of foes in his bid to secure the senate and also clinch the number three position in the nation- senate presidency. Amongst such new foes were his long standing ally, Sen. David Mark, who was in his own light gunning for the same most esteemed senate seat, which,became their reason for friction.
Akume who finally made it to the senate unscathed, had the hurdle of beating,his former ally to the senate presidency, supporting the former’s arch-enemy, Alh. Usman Mai-Shanu, against Mark at the tribunals a feat he was never to achieve as the old fox out witted him with the alledged support of Gov. Gabriel Suswam. With the failure of this bid, a bitter rivalry developed between the duo, one that has stood till recent times.
Ironicaly even as political pundits were speculating a fiercer battle owing to the already speculated arrangements aimed at 2015, Akume the titan, has taken moves that have probed questions in the minds of political watchers.
atiterkula, thus examines these movements in the light of impending political calculations.
On April 8, 2012, Sen. Akume who has since his self-pronounced exile to the ACN, has made it a duty to shun all gatherings involving members of the PDP, became a grand visitor at Sen. David Mark- his percieved albattross’ 64th birthday.
Akume who attended the occassion in his ceremonial glamour was a suprise to all and sundry as he was seen parading a full ACN squad at the ceremony where he is even quoted to have delivered a speech which is viewed by many as a move suspected by many to savour his severed relationship with the old fox, Mark. He even acknowledged this in his speech when he rightly noted that he needed to grace the accassion which is why the motive is worth questioning.
In like manner, the senate minority leader also made a dramatic appearance at the funeral ceremony of his long standing rival, Hon. Mike Mku, April 8th 2012.
Hon. Mike Mku has thrice contested against Akume; once for the governorship of the state and twice for the senate. They have always been seen to be at each others necks. Akume, in the heat of this rivalry has made another controversial move viewed by many as reconciliatory.
Also worthy of note is the entourage usually accompanying the senate minority leader, one which comprises of the ACN gubernatorial candidate, Prof. Steve Ugba and an embattled house of representatives member, hon. Orker Jev.
Watchers now are postulating that the titan may be creating a plattform for himself 2015 as per his senatorial return as it seems President Goodluck is determined to return.

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