Benue:Deaf Youth Protest Marginalisation

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Benue:Deaf Youth Protest Marginalisation

Scores of deaf youth yesterday took to the streets in protest of what they termed neglect from the government. The deaf youth numbering over 30 marched the streets of the Benue state capital and colapsed their march at the gate of the government house.
According to a statement by the president of the Benue State Association of the Deaf, Mr. Tardoo Amande, they had decided to stage the peaceful march to draw the attention of the state governor to their plight as they have been neglected, even though many of them are educated or have trades.
According to the statement, their march was also to create awareness in the fact that not all deaf were beggars just like they have determined not to beg even in the face of lack and joblessness.
They therefore appealed to the governor to come to their plight.
“The mandate of this mission includes you his excellency Dr. Gabriel Suswam and others to provide support in terms of provision of working apparatus such as employment, trade e.t.c.” The statement read in part.
In their lament, the Association leaders also indicted the Ministry of women affairs ndsocial development and that of Education, stating that they had variously met with the helmsmen of these ministries for consideration to no avail. According to them they had been informed that the governor was not interested in their situation, thus the march.
“we have approached the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development and the Ministry of Education but they say you do not approve anything for both ministries to cater for us whenever we present our needs.” It stated.
The association was demanding amongst other things; employment, tools for trade,land for erection of house for the deaf, education and monthly grants.
Receiving the protesting youth, Special Adviser to the Benue State Governor on Labour Matters, Comrade Booga Abur, told them that they should excercise some patience as the governor was not in town and immediately he returns, their greivances will be looked into.




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