Written by: Terver kise.,
The dispute between Tiv Farmers and Fulani Herdsmen over grazing and destruction of farmland on the borders of Guma, Gwer-West and Makurdi Local Government Areas of Benue State, as well as Keana and Doma Local Government Areas of Nasarawa State has dragged on for a long time now, spilling blood of farmers, herdsmen, women, and children. The unending violence seems to be gaining foot in the north central of Nigeria.

Nassarawa State Governor, Hon. Tanlo Almakura
According to reports, since last year, natives of these communities have experienced attacks and counter attacks which have made over 200,000 natives of affected areas displaced from their homes as refugees in their own states and communities, subjecting these victims to hardship and starvation. Women and children have been seen to suffer the most as they sit helplessly in refugee camps, endlessly awaiting aids and resolutions to the menace.
Although the governments of the two affected states, Benue and Nasarawa, had met severally and had come up with plans on how to deal with this problem, it is sad to note that all has been to no avail. For example, last Monday, Governors Gabriel Suswam and Umaru Almakura of Benue and Nasarawa States respectively, met in Lafia, to work out a strategy on how to contain the crisis. Resolves were that all the local government chairmen, traditional and community leaders in these conflict areas take responsibilities if there is further eruption of crises in their areas. Also, an ad-hoc committee would be setup to identifying the root cause, as well as the criminal elements that have been fuelling the crisis.
That is not the first time the authorities would set up a committee on this matter. Recall that In June last year, the federal House of Representatives had set up a panel to investigate the violent clashes involving Tiv farmers and Fulani herdsmen in these areas. Also in 2007, as a result of this kind of problem, the federal government set up a committee to examine the relations between Fulani herdsmen and the Tiv farmers. “Nothing has happened to their reports”. It is clear that Government efforts to end the crisis have not yielded any positive result.Benue State Governor, Rt. Hon. Gabriel Suswam
Concerned citizens and interest groups have been raising questions on how commited the government of the day is to putting a stop to these killings that have befallen the natives of these communities. “How can government be setting up one committee after another without any meaningful conclusion towards achieving their objective?”
It is time government and all relevant stakeholders live up to this life and security challenge that is gradually destroying the peace of these communities which is by implication affecting the unity of the nation, and adopt a more realistic approaches towards this situation, else this reoccurring evil would have come to stay.

The importance to this call for immediate resolution, cannot be over emphasised as it is clear that the fast growing state of this Violence will soon add up to the already existing security challenges that has hit our dear nation. Youths of the affected communities are crying out to government to come to the aid of their homes by not just setting up committees, but by making visible efforts towards providing security over their lives and properties. They are also calling on well meaning Nigerians to come to the aid of those that have been displaced (especially women and children) as the current state in the already existing refugee camps is pathetic.

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