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Benue LG Polls: The Final Showdown

Benue State governor, Rt. Hon. Gabriel Suswam, sometime last month made public the state government’s desire to conduct elections into the local government councils by the first quarter of 2012. The local governments have since been run by care-taker committees for over a year due to the termination of the previous elected councils with the government recycling the caretaker committees periodicaly.

with this anouncement, though no definite date nor timetable has been given for the polls, political players in the state have already started putting in place structures and strategies ahead of the polls. Parties and interested candidates have already started canvassing support underground while some have even put up poster and other insignia indicating their interest in the race.

In as much as the polls may seem less important as compared to the foregone elections, they now play a focal role in the politics of the state, as they will decide who holds the soul of the state which is the grassroots. This is even so because both the oppositon and the ruling party in the state view this as the opportunity to show their might and also assert their authority.

Moreso it is, that the opposition in the state have a point to prove with the polls as they have previously been seen to have lost their governorship bids at the courts. The electoral tribunal had ruled that they could not continue hearing in the cases brought before it bordering on
electoral offenses with a view to Oust the serving Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

With the bubbling and muscle flexing by political heavy wieghts and parties, atiterkula looks at the position alongside the probable performance of the different political parties in the Local Government elections.

Benue North- East Senatorial District

Benue North-East senatorial district is a senatorial district touted and known to be under the control of the leading opposition party, ACN, this is chiefly as a result of the pesence of the opposition strongman and Senate minority leader, Sen. Dr. George Akume.
sen. Geroge AkumeIn the last general elections, the ACN over ran all other parties in the senatorial district sweeping all the House of Assembly, Representatives and even Senate which was won by Akume himself. With this colourful performance in the zone many believe that the zone will be the battle ground come the Local Government elections. Be that as it may, the zone may no longer be a walkover for the ACN as expected owing to percieved strategies put in place to checkmate the reoccurance of this unfavorable result.
Most recently, Gov. Suswam reinjected new blood into the local government councils a move suspected to be aimed at checkmating the ACN. These appointments were mainly in the Benue North-East Senatorial district, where percieved dorcile chiarmen were substituted for politically active ones amongst whom were the appointments of Hon. Samuel Atsuku of Tarka Local Government ( Akume’s local government), Hon. Ioryue Yajir of Gboko Local Government and Hon. Fidelis Audu of Makurdi Local Government. These lieutnants are percieved to have been recruited for the sole purpose of wriggling the zone out opposition claws. With this development and tact, the Benue North-East Senatorial zone will be the battle field to watch.

Benue South Senatorial District

Sen. David MarkThis zone is inarguably a PDP zone, a zone from whence the Senate President, Sen. David Mark hails. The senate leader has put this senatorial district on lockdown which he has always signed, sealed and delivered to his party- PDP. It is also believed that the senatorial district was instrumental to PDP’s victory in the last general elections. Even as the senatorial district is on percieved lockdown, there is no sure proof that they will still have a smooth sail as there is also a strong presence of opposition leaders in the zone who have vowed to strip David Mark of his leadership of the district.
Adjudging from the forementioned, it is obvious that Benue South is gearing up for a showdown and flexing of muscles between David Mark and the politicalAlh. Usman Mai- Shanu marriage of Gen. Lawrence Onoja and Alh. Usman Mai Shanu- the senate presidents long standing political adversaries. The dou have joined forces to make sure Mark looses his percieved grip of the senatorial district, this is even as they were defeated in their quest during the general elections.

Benue North-West Senatorial District

Gov. Gabriel SuswamDuring the general elections, this senatorial district was expected by watchers to erupt violence in quantum owing to the presence of all the principal contenders to the Benue government house from this senatorial zone but unfortunately it was relatively calm as opposed to the public perception.
In the same light it is still believed that the Benue North West District will be a place to watch as this is where the state governor, Rt. Hon. Gabriel Suswam and his strongest adversary Prof. Steve Ugbah of the ACN and even Prof. Daniel Saror of the ANPP hail. Unfortunately even as the electioneering during the general polls were heated in this zone, the PDP held sway clear off the opposition claiming all the seats contested for.
Though defeated in the last elections, the opposition seem not to have taken,the defeat lying as they have kept mobilising and ganering support as if in waiting for the council Prof. Steve Ugbapolls. This situation accounts for the incessant outbursts of pockets of violence in the area.
with the said parameters on ground, it is rife to say that the battle for domination in this zone will be a war of warlords, as PDP will seek to maintain superiority, ACN, to establish her percieved authority in the zone and the ANPP, will fight to reclaim her lost glory.

  1. Nyichia James says:

    The blood-thirsty PDP politicians will lost @ LG poolls going by the analysis i saw in this report


  2. Eric says:

    Let the will of Almighty God be done on that day


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