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By: Ati Terkula, Makurdi

The death toll in the renewed fulani attack on the indegenes of Gwer-west local government Area of Benue state has risen to 43 with tne number of destroyed villages now numbering 15 villages burnt with their occupants rendered refugees.

The onslaught which resurfaced at the early hours of sunday March 4, 2012, has been described by indigenes of the affected areas as inhuman. In a statement signed by Dr. Joseph Kerker on behalf indegenes of Gwer-west, the association whose sole concern is the welfare of the people of Gwer-west, expressed suprise at the incesant attacks by these fulani herdsmen as according to them they had no vommon boundaries with the fulanis and thus did not see reason to the frequent clashes.
The group which lamented the rendering of,their fadama lands unconducive for agrarian purposes due to the crisis, also disclosed their suprise at the ability of these herdsmen to operate even with the heavy military presence in the area.
The communique also accused the Nassarawa state government of providing a base for the insurgents to operate.
“we totally object to a situation where our neighbouring state, Nassarawa, whom we share very close political, social, economic and cultural affinities with, is the base where coordinated attacks on our people are organized and executed”. It read in part.
The people of Gwer-west, have also called on the federal and state governments to as a,matter of urgency set up independent commissions of enquiry to investigate the matter with an aim to bringing the culprits to book.
It also called on the government to not only see into the crisis but also provide shelter and even compensation to the victims of the attack after the restoration of peace and normalcy.
It could be recalled that this is not the first of such attacks by the fulanis on the people of this area as there was a similar attack between 8th to 10th February, 2011, in which 33 compounds and houses were destroyed and 19 people killed as well as food items and lives stock worth millions of Naira in three districts of Gwer-west local government Area were destroyed.

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