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The Minister of State for Trade and Investment, Dr. Samuel Ortom, has stated that the call by various group for convention of a sovereign national conference (SNC), is unwarranted.
Speaking to newsmen in Makurdi over the weekend, Dr. Ortom condemned the agitation stating that the call for a conference to discuss national issues and unity of the Nigerian state was uncalled for as Nigeria is now in a democracy with every section of the country having representation and thus there was no need for convening another special delegation from these zones.
According to the minister, Nigerians had elected Senators and House of Representative members who have been tasked with the same responsibility proposed for the SNC.
Hear him, ” our problem is not a Sovereign National Conference. We have a president, 360 House of Representative Members and109 Senators. These Senators and House of Representative are representatives of all opinions and shades of this country as such everyone in this country is represented at the National Assembly. If we have suggestions let us all channel them through the legislators representing our people”.
The Minister who called on all Nigerians to avail President Goodluck Jonathan the necessary support, also commented on the Boko Haram terror spree. Ortom who poured accolades on the nation’s security agencies over their arrest of the suspected Madalla blast mastermind, Kabiru Sokoto, also condemned in strong terms the dialogue proposal presented the sect.
According to Ortom, the Boko Haram sect has remained a faceless group with vague demands. The minister who further compared Boko Haram to the Niger-Delta millitants, noted that the millitants were known and also had clear demands which made negotiations easier while the Boko Haram have been faceless and have not put out demands.
“in Niger Delta, they were fighting for a just cause and the actors were known. They came out and gave reasons why they were fighting. But in this case how do you bargain with spirits? They should come out and state their grievances. So I do not support any dialogue, if they want dialogue let them come out and state their greviances”. Ortom advised.
The former Peoples Democratic Party National Auditor, also intimated on steps by his ministry to attract foreign investments.
According to him when his ministry took off it inherited moribound industries and in effect, they had on assumption of office worked out modalities to attract investments into the nation with the aim of revitalising and creating new and existing industries.
” We have put in place over 4 trillion Naira in investments and committments which will be practical in the next few months, to create jobs and wealth opportunities. No more lip service, we are making sure government has direct benefits to our people in this country”. He acknowledged.

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