BENUE: Council Bosses charged with financial prudence

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Local Government Chairmen in Benue State have been tasked to be prudent in managing the finances of their respective local governments to optimal performance.
This call was made by the Special adviser to the Governor on Local Government and chieftaincy Affairs, Hon. Solomon Wombo yesterday when he addressed a section of the press in office. According to Wombo, the local government is supposed to impact more on the people than all other arms of government as it is closest to the people. He noted that the local governments are expected to initiate and execute people oriented projects from their monthly federal allocations.
He therefore tasked the chairmen to take a cue from the state governor by replicating the projects executed by Suswam’s administration in their own localities through provision of smaller version of such projects.
This call is even as he disclosed that the local governments usually have little to spare for other expenditure. He further stated that the local government chairmen’s mandate was not restricted to payment of salaries as it is widely believed.
During the breifing Wombo also advised that local government chairmen should desist from dependence on the federal allocation as is the case nowadays and look inwardly for other means of revenue generation as according to him salaries only take atleast 75% of the state’s allocation thus rendering other necessary aspects non-functional.
The special Adviser also opened up on the alledge refusal by the bureau to pay teachers in the local governments the approved 18% minimum wage which has resultantly caused an industrial action.
He noted that the bureau had not refused to pay the wage as alledged but had insisted on a full screening to ascertain the true number of schools and teachers domicilled in the local governments.
He added that in his quest to find out how many teachers the local governments were taken care of financially he was givenan outrageous number of 26,472 teachers which resultantly shot the wage bill to over 2 billion Naira.
“When i demanded for the number of teachers concerned, the number i got was outrageous-26,472. I then asked if we had this number, why the shortage of teachers in these schools? I thus have demanded to do a school to school and staff audit to ascertain the truth. The reason for the screening is to ensure that money is spent the right way”. He noted.
Wombo further pleaded with the striking teachers to return to their duty posts and also avail themselves for the proposed screening excersise.

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