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Even as the Benue State Government is believed to have commenced the
payment of the agreed 18% minimum wage, there seems to be some form of
incongruity in the labor camps over this payment.

The proposed wage bill which is supposedly effective by payment of
November workers has aroused some suspected level of distrust from
amongst the ranks of the unions charged with defending workers rights.

This is as the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Benue State chapter,
has accused the leadership of National Union of Local Government
Employees (NULGE), of double dealing as regards the actualization of
the minimum salary scale.

atiterkula, gathered that although the state go0vernment has
already began payment of the agreed salary structure, the Local
Government staff have been denied this payment till February next
year, a situation which according to sources is conditioned on the
heavy staff strength of the local governments and thus the need for
reassessment and subsequent retrenchment to be able to meet the
financial commitment which amounts to 2.3 Billion Naira as against the
statutory allocation of 2.1 Billion Naira .

When confronted over the matter, the State NLC Secretary, Comrade
Jumpa, confirmed the reports but exempted the union of involvement in
the arrangement stating that he also got wind of allegations that
NULGE had gone into an arrangement with the Local Government Service
Commission to suspend payment till next . He was also apt to add that
the NLC has not been officially communicated on 6the matter but he had
called the NULGE secretary who confirmed this on phone.

“… I also heard that NULGE held talks with Local Government Commission
and agreed to start implementation of the minimum wage in January, I
called the Chairman to confirm and he said they had agreed to the
proposal to allow for manpower audit in the local governments. We were
not involved in the agreement, we have done our bit and if NULGE wants
to renegotiate that is their problem. Whatever the agreement is, the
onus still lies on the government to respect the agreement it entered.
When we meet at SEC level, we will decide what to do. NLC is not a
party to that agreement.” He noted.

When contacted on phone, the NULGE chairman, Comrade Terungwa Igbe
said the union had agreed to extend the time because according to him
there was nothing wrong with extending time for the actualization once
it will be eventually paid.

Meanwhile, the Special Adviser for Local Government and Chieftaincy
Affaris Hon. Solomon Wombo, has exonerated his bureau from the
extension, according to him his bureau has already prepared the salary
of the local governments to reflect the proposed 18% standard but the
onus lies on the Local Government Commission.

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