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People living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), in Benue state were yesterday stranded as the centres selected for them to collect their Anti Re-troviral drugs finally closed wing to the over one year strike action embarked upon by the health workers of the state government owned hospitals.

this is even as the striking health workers had initially decided to offer skeletal services in HIV/ AIDS clinics owned by the state government, on sympathy grounds since the patients are not supposed to break the intake of the anti-retroviral drugs.

Hospitals around Benue State have been on strike for more than 12 months to press for implementation of the Consolidated Health Salary Structure (CONHESS) and the Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (COMESS), which the state government has declined. Investigation unveils that all General hospitals in the 23 local government areas of the state have now been completely deserted as a consequence of the strike.

A striking staff who simply identified himself as Akondo said the situation was becoming unbearable so they had to take such a ‘rash’ decision to attract government attention to resume negotiation. Akondo however, pleaded with the state government to resolve the matter at stake, since health is wealth and once majority of the population cannot access health care, it becomes risky.

“we are afraid of the consequences of being on strike in hospitals on full course but we have to do it to press home our demands.” He said.

A PLWHA who spoke on account of anonymity, said he had traveled up to 4 times from Zaki Biam to Makurdi with the hope that he could access the ARVs which he is denied access for more than a month now because of the strike action.

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