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It all started with one Chidozie Ukpabi, a former West African Examinations Council (WAEC), who claimed he had sometime forged a WAEC certificate for the Benue State Governor, Governor Gabriel Suswam.

When the certificate matter started, many thought the matter was just a gimmick that will like all other political gimmicks come to pass, but unfortunately, it has become the talk of every homestead in the state, with politicians and non-politicians discussing the matter at leisure points.

The matter which was initially viewed by many as a propaganda point aimed at discrediting the governor has become an issue of legal tussle and also the subsequent key to the much coveted Benue Government House. All the opponents of Gov. Gabriel Suswam at the just concluded polls have taken him before at least one court of law in a bid to receive their acclaimed mandate. Even those with serious electoral rigging petitions, have also added the certificate angle to their petitions.

atiterkula, in this piece views the matter and its potent implications.

Kakih Vs Suswam

Mr. Terver Kakih, Suswam’s only contender to the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP), gubernatorial ticket in April polls. Kakih before the primary elections , had alledged that the governor was not qualified to contest in the party’s primaries as he claimed his only opponent lacked the prerequisite qualification for contesting the elections. Although he did not make much out of his claim it opened a vista for subsequent litigations.

Kakih whose case has suffered so much judicial delay, had initially dragged the state governor before the Makurdi High court before the conduct of the primaries, but the case was later withdrawn and reopened at an Abuja high court from where it was transferred on the orders of the Chief Justice of the Federation, a Jos High Court, where only last week it was transferred back to Makurdi for continued Hearing.

The appellant in this case, demands that the court disqualifies Suswam and declares him winner on the grounds that he (Kakih) was the runner up and only opponent in the primaries and Judging from the substitution method applied in the Amaechi Vs Omehia case in Rivers. Where Gov. Rotimi Amaechi was made governor through a declaration of the court.

Saror Vs Suswam

Senator Daniel Saror, former senate minority leader and All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), in the April Polls. The Septuagarian is at the law courts demanding that the courts cancel the polls not on the basis of electoral malpractice as in rigging and falsification of results but because as according to him, the winner of the polls – Governor Gabriel Suswam, had not met the required academic qualification for contesting the elections.
Saror, is demanding that the courts order for a new election, one in which the PDP will not be allowed to field a candidate.
Ugbah Vs Suswam
Also at the courts, is Prof. Steve Ugbah, the candidate for the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), has also demanded for suswam’s seat at the food basket government house.
Ugbah, unlike Saror, he is also demanding that Suswam be removed but he be made governor instead. Ugbah who has also told the courts that Suswam rigged and falsified results in the said elections, claims Suswam presented forged certificates to the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC), thus he requires that the courts either disqualifies and nullifies Suswam’s election on the grounds of election malpractice or certificate forgery.
The Stalemate

Although Kakih and his fellow travellers have demanded that Suswam be nullified and either of them declared winner, it is uncertain as to the outcome of such petitions as either of the following scenarios may come to play;
Judging from Kakih’s petition, he wants to be declared governor, using the substitution method applied in the Amaechi Vs Omehia case in Rivers. Where Gov. Rotimi Amaechi was made governor through a declaration of the court.
Unfortunately, many observers believe that Kakih’s case may set a dead wall as the rule by the Supreme Court has set aside the substitution rule and thus Kakih’s dream may be farfetched as he may have to settle for a rerun.
Meanwhile, Saror in his petition does not want to be declared winner of the elections but prays the court orders a re-election which will exclude the PDP (even if Kakih substitutes Suswam). This prayer many see the most possible but with his limp political structure, many wonder what will be his fate if granted thus.
Ugbah who also wants the courts to declare him winner based on the result case will also have to convince the courts that a rerun is not what is required in this case as feelers are that the courts will be liable to order a fresh election to determine who occupies the coveted seat.
Another situation presents itself in a situation where Kakih eventually wins his court suit and the Ugbah or Saror Camp is declared winner by the tribunals, who becomes Benue Governor since their common enemy is already taken care of by the courts.

  1. ASWAS says:

    The clamour was, is and shall be for nothing less than change. If re-run is ordered, voting is our obligation, if kakih, Saor and Ugbah are to contest fine and good. If Ugbah finally enters good. Give CHANGE a chance


  2. Asaachor B. W. says:

    The most important thing is that, Suswam shld go. He is not in any way to be the governor. The petitioners are already in a compromise to present Prof. Ugbah as the governor.


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