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Speaker of the Benue State House of Assembly has declared that the certificate saga involving the governor, RT.Hon, Gabriel Suswam, is a non-issue and just a means by the governor’s detractors to discredit and pull him down. The speaker, Rt. Hon. David Iorhemba, also accused the supreme copurt of overruling itself in the matter, according to him the Supreme Court had earlier considered the certificate issue a pre-election matter and thus its insistence on the hearing of the matter amounted to contradiction of itself. Even as the speaker agreed to the fact that Suswam had two certificates, he noted that the state governor has no need to display his certificate for anyone to see. According to him the governor has no burden to prove his innocence in the matter as the onus lies on the petitioner to prove that the governor forged results by producing the forged copies. Hear him, “…the two certificates are all suswam’s …It is not an issue the governor needs to prove beyond reasonable doubts. The onus lies on Prof. Saror to prove that he has presented forged certificates and not Suswam. The law does not place burden on the accused to prove innocence. It is this person who says he has forged to bring what he has forged. The Supreme Court has said this matter should go into full trial; let him bring the forged certificate”. Iorhemba who accused the All Nigeria Peoples Party(ANPP), candidate of busy bodying, stated that the certificate issue is solely a political party issue, thus if the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), saw no problem with Suswam’s submissions then there ought not to be any grouse from parties outside the PDP. “Section 182 (1), lies with the PDP and not anyother body. If the ANPP feels it is improper it should instead take on PDP. The election was not conducted by certificates”. He chided. He further dared the ANPP candidate in the April Polls, Prof. Daniel Saror, to come out and tell the people how many votes he scored in the polls and base his arguments on whether suswam rigged to win or not; as in his own words the Professor was fighting a futile war since he could not be made governor even if Suswam were proven guilty.

  1. ASWAS says:

    Give a cat a good opportunity it will eat on the master’s dining table, drink from from his cup and sleep on his bed. Above all, defaecate in the master’s bedroom. When not opportuned, the wil hide in a bush hunting for rats and lizards.


  2. Akoughterseer says:

    Birds of same feathers flock together,it were better for mr speaker tocleanse the civilian general’s hands from forgery! SHAME!


  3. tardoo says:

    When I hear politicians lying,it makes me wnt 2 vomit. The speaker of Benue H of Assembly is jus a scam lik his pdp co-thieves. God forbid bad thing!


  4. tardoo says:

    I wish dat God will b smashin all dis pdp liars with thunder right b4 their noses. We r doomed in Benue,Ugba came 2 save us but …….. JESUS LORD PLS HELP US,WE DON’T WANT PDP(SUSWAM). LET UGBA LIBERATE US. PLS JEHOVAH PLS!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel bad n down,God give us Steve pls


  5. tardoo says:

    We can trust Steve Ugba but d PDP we do not trust,dats y pple easily fight n kill each other cos d head is criminal. Jesus change our head,Jesus change our head,Jesus change our head! And give us d man we needed…we cry onto u Lord,let only ur will b done pls


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