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Director General of the Prof. Steve Ugbah, governorship campaign organization, prof. David Iornem, has stated emphatically that his principal will never agree to sit on a discussion table with Governor Gabriel Suswam in a bid to resolve the impending crisis and run an all inclusive government.

While speaking in Makurdi, the third republic senator revealed that the only condition open is for the present governor to relinquish the seat and leave the Benue Government House and plead the Benue people for forgiveness.

“The man himself knows that he cannot bring that to any table because a Government of Unity, the way we look at it is different. Ugbah said he will run and all inclusive administration. This is another form of Government of Unity. But it is Prof. Ugbah’s own idea and if Suswam will apologies to the people and peacefully leave Makurdi Government House, for the person who actually got the mandate of the people to be there, we will still go ahead and have an inclusive administration, we will not discriminate.” He stated.

He expressed confidence saying, “we believe firmly that Ugbah won, and Ugbah believed that he won. So, it is for Suswam to prove to Ugbah, the Benue masses and the entire world that he actually won and not Ugbah but not to run away and say you do not want the case to be heard. But that is exactly what they are doing. And it seems they have even compromised the Justices at the Tribunals sent to Benue. By that, they have obtained a fake judgment they have been parading but we hope the Supreme Court will order for the retrial of the case, and if that is done, we will beat them and we will be there.”

During the session, Iornem also commended, Senate Minority leader, Sen. George Akume, for what he termed his incorruptible stance a quality he claims made Akume decamp to the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN).

“It is not even wrong if Akume later shifted camp and joined us. In politics, that is totally acceptable. If you belong to a group and you believe that there is injustice in such place, you can shift camp. It is good that Akume actually shifted camp. Though, I cannot claim that I convinced Akume to come and be in ACN, I foresaw that he will not get nomination in PDP as far back as June 2010”. He acknowledged.

A visibly angered Iornem, also expressed his disapproval with the handling of the Logo crisis which he also claims the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has peddled rumours to create the impression that the ACN was the cause of the violence.
“ we heard that the people arrested will be poisoned in such a way that they will not die at the spot but gradually when they must have been finally released. This is very worrying. We heard that Suswam had a meeting with some PDP Elders and it was resolved that ACN members who insist on continuing with the struggle to recover the mandate should be terminated.”

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