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Tinubu positions for VP

Even as the present tenure of president Goodluck Jonathan is yet to reach a quarter of his constitutional four year term, speculations are rife that many have actually started the battle for 2015 presidency in the north.

Most recently, it was rumoured in the news and national tabloids of meetings and consultations held at the beheist of the vice-president, Arch. Namadi Sambo to discuss the 2015 presidency issue. Posters and buses branded to that effect were seen around the kaduna venue of the meeting.

Although news from quarters close to the vice -president have denied Sambo’s involvement in the propaganda, it is a pointer to the fact that the battle for 2015 has actually begun.

findings have shown that with recent body movements by politicians of northern extraction especially from the North-East and the North-Central senatorial zones, many have already started plotting, with their supporters already spoiling for war.

Chief among those rumoured to be gearing up is Senate president, David Mark. Mark who is a four time senator representing Benue-South, is in the fore front of the battle for the highest seat in the land by 2015.

 According to feelers, the reason for his support for Goodluck Jonathan in 2011 was a bid to clear the way for the north to get back into power by next dispensation during which the North-Central where is a major player may be favoured to produce the next president.

Speaking to one of his political proteges, Hon. George Ali, a former member of the Benue state House of Assembly, ati terkula, confirmed speculations that the senate president is warming up for the race. According to him Mark was ripe for the presidency and his whole machinery has been oiled in readiness for the 2015 battle.

“… you see, the senate president is ripe for that position based on his political experience and so when the time comes we will take the task. We are in the meantime waiting for him to do his time at the senate.”He asserted.

 Sen. David Mark is not the only player in speculative contention for the much coverted seat which will be vacant in the next three years.

Also mentioned in strong terms is Senate minority leader Sen. George Akume. Akume who was Mark’s political bedmate and former governor of Benue state had recently decamped to the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), becoming a key player in the party and her sole financier in Benue state.

Akume who has fought many battles in recent times with his erstwhile political bedmates in the state, ranging from present governor, Rt. Hon. Gabriel Suswam to Sen. David Mark in a battle well fought, for the highest seat in the senate, is also mentioned by many members of his inner circle as possible replacement for President Goodluck Jonathan.

Akume, since his decamping to the ACN, has become a power bloc to reckon. He successfully waded a victorious campiagn for the leadership of the monority caucus in the senate amongst long standing opposition figures.

The former Governor, who has also been strongly mentioned in this battle, is believed to be the intended candidate of the ACN per-chance the North Central suceeds in her bid to occupy Aso Rock. It is percieved by many that his initial desire to lead the senate and and subsequent leadership of the opposition is part of the larger picture which is intended to keep him relevant and active in national issues till the time is ripe.

This bid is further substantiated by his continued patronage by ACN leader, Sen. Bola Tinubu, who has variously been touted to be interested in the position of the vice-presidency come 2015.

Sen. Bola Tinubu, who is an arrowhead opposition leader was one of the principal fighters on the opposition coalition front but is unfortunately, accused of causing its failure. He is said to have frustrated the alliance out of the non-support of a moslem-moslem ticket in which he would have been the running mate to whosoever was chosen from the north.

Tinubu, who is the undisputable strongman of South-Western politics was also, believed by many to have also frustrated the Nuhu Ribadu campaign so as to make way for his future ambition- the vice-presidency, which would have been scuttled if Ribadu were eventually made president.

Supporters of this claim also point his insistence on the appointment of Sen. George Akume as minority leader as his first step to creating the much needed link to the north since Akume weilds such desired influence and thus keeping him in relevance makes his battle easier.

Also mentioned is Kwara State strongman, Sen. Bukola Saraki. Saraki, progenitor of former Senate majority leader and Kwara political determiner, Sen. Olusola Saraki, had earlier taken a shot at the race to Aso Rock, an excersice which was unsuccesful.

Although the younger Saraki did not make it in 2011, the former Chairman of Governors’ forum has maintained his prominence in northern politics and has become one of the frequent voices in the senate. Many believe that Sen. Saraki is still maintaining his former war machinery in wait for Jonathan’s exit from Aso Rock.

Not to be left out the discussions of 2015 is certainly Rt. Hon. Gabriel Suswam, governor of Benue State. The governor who is obviously an ambitious young man has been at many fora mentioned in the struggle to Aso Rock in 2015.

Though playing it safe and strategically, his show of relevance in the scheme of things as well, is seen as one of his strong points if he eventually runs come 2015.

Watchers have constantly fingered the governor’s very much publicised battle and break away from Sen. Akume’s clout as a means to create a niche for himself making him a force to consider when the time for the battle is ripe.

Moreso, Suswam who is running his last term as charge-de-affairs
of Benue State is most likely to aspire for another elective position which most likely will be the much coverted and talked about presidency or the Senate like many of his kind.

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