Senator Joseph Kennedy Waku means different things to different
people. To some he is controversial while others see him as bold,
courageous and like talking straight on matters of national interest.
Waku who served in the fourth session of the Senate, in this interview why he had to part ways with Governor Gabriel Suswam of Benue State and why he dumped the Peoples
Democratic Party (PDP) of which he was one of the founding fathers for
the Action Congress of Nigeria.

Democratic Revolution and Election Rigging

When I addressed the people of Benue State and I talked about
revolution. Many primitive governors like the Benue state governor
thought I was talking about violence. You can’t talk violence and go
and talk in public, can you? When I talk about revolution, I was
talking about democratic revolution. You can achieve that by doing
what we did in Benue. We launched the ACN on March 3, 2011 barely a
month to the April general election. Go to Benue and see the, who is
who that was at the event that took place in Gboko. We did not give
them money yet they came on their own to change the government.

The Change That Did Not Take Place

We won the election hands down. We have evidences that we won that
election but the judiciary is trying to introduce technicalities and
not going to the rudiments of the judgment, because they know they did
not win the election. If I am defeated, I will congratulate the person
that won. I am such a politician and trained to be that way. Why have
they not allowed the judicial process to take place, why? They know
something is wrong somewhere.

Correcting The Process

It will be corrected by the grace of God. There are various ways of
revolutions. One day there will be judicial revolution as we shall
have a Judge or Chief Justice of Nigeria that would say no to all the
nonsense taking place. One day a CJN shall rise and declare that any
judge that takes a bribe shall be jailed. When the leadership of the
judiciary stands firm, the rest shall be history and Nigeria’s
democracy shall be better for it. I strongly believe that there are
good judicial officers in the nation’s judiciary and it is only a
matter of time.

Justice Aloysius Katsina-Alu before he left as the Chief Justice of
Nigeria distorted the judiciary. Was it fair for Justice Katsina-Alu
to take over the jurisdiction of a case that was before the Court of
Appeal which had competent jurisdiction and transferred it to the
Supreme Court? When did the Supreme Court start taking cases from High
courts for adjudication? Justice Katsina-Alu is my brother but I want
you to know that he did not possess the constitutional power to do so.

You don’t have to go to a native doctor to confirm that there was a
compromise. I feel pained that at the tail end of his career, ask all
the judges, if I tell you what happened, you will be amazed. Even the
current attempt of imposing Justices, it is part of the corruption we
are talking about. The newly appointed Chief Justice of the Federation
even at the time he was acting, said why Nigerians are taking laws
into their hands and killing one another, is because they are denied
justice. You see when you are denied justice, you don’t know where
else to go. You take the law into your hands. Is it a fair thing to
happen to a 51 year-old nation with a vibrant natural and human

When you and I in this country begin to look at one another’s face
saying boldly that you are wrong here and right there, then this
country will begin to move forward. It is different from when you
begin to hide from the truth because you want to be in the good books
of the President. The President may choose to like you the more if you
tell the truth and he gets to find out that it was the truth. It is
when you malign him or scandalise him, that is when he may not like

President Jonathan’s Statements

Lest I forget, how can you have a President that gets up one morning
and says to the world that some segment of the people did not vote for
him. The President said this when the Ohaneze visited him, and said
that all the votes he got from the north were from the Igbos. How can
my President talk like that. As if that was not enough, the President
went further to say that the system has collapsed. I do international
business and I tried to bring foreigners to come and invest in
Nigeria. I have been receiving so many calls to put on hold what we
have discussed, because the President said the system has collapsed.
How can foreigners bring their money to invest in a collapsed system?

My Political Party

I am a member of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). Let me tell you
why I joined the ACN. It was Gabriel Suswan and the Tor Tiv that
pushed me out of PDP and I am too old now to be fighting young people
or be fighting for a position. How did he push me out? My last
assignment in the PDP was as the Chairman of the party primary in
Anambra State. Immediately after the primary, I drove all the way from
Anambra to Makurdi to go and contest for the national delegate of the
PDP position of, which was supposed to take place on March 11, and
when I got to Markudi, it was the same day they were doing the
Christian service for the late Secretary to Government of Benue State,
Dr. Achibiri. So, we met in the church, the Governor and myself. I
told him I came all the way from Anambra to attend this service
because I won’t be able to go for the burial and he said yes he is
also happy to see me.

Suswam’s Plot Against Me

I wanted to brief him on one thing and we both drove to the Government
House. I told him, I have come for two things, to witness the burial,
because it was on March 9, and then go to my local government for the
delegate election since I had bought a form for national delegate and
I want to go my local government headquarters to begin to mobilise
delegates. He told me that the delegates, election had taken place two
days ago and I said how? He said the reason was because it was March
11 and was too close to March 13, for the presidential nomination, so
they decided to bring it forward. I said you did not notify interested
candidates? He then said it was done based on consensus and I asked
him who was the candidate from Guma, because I am interested and I did
not want to be hand-picked but would want to contest and if I am
beaten, I would accept it in good faith. He said they brought the name
of one former local government Chairman and his political adviser and
one Commissioner John from my local government told him that I was not
interested. I said Mr. Governor I came here and told you that I bought
a form and to take such a decision, you didn’t contact me? When I was
in the United States of America, you wanted to use me against the Tor
Tiv who nominated somebody for the position of Commissioner and you
didn’t like that person, you called me. Look at the time difference,
you lost your sleep in order to call me, I lost my sleep in order to
answer you. Today, we are in the same time zone, why didn’t you call
me? He did not give me a satisfactory answer. He only said well, they
will give me an observer tag. And I said, for the presidential
nomination of the Peoples Democratic Party, I will be an observer who
would be parading at the Eagle Square without a vote. I can as well
sit and watch on the television and observe from there. So, I put it
to him, so because the guy who became the delegate was Tor Tiv’s
houseboy, he preferred him to a veteran politician like me.

Shut Out of Campaign

The second issue was during the flag off of his second term
gubernatorial campaign in 2011, he did not invite me. I did not stop
there, I sent him a text, asking why he did not invite me and he did
not reply. That was one of the major events of the party. I did not
take it kindly, so I wrote to the Director-General of the
gubernatorial campaign to inquire what game he was up to and accused
him of attempting to cause political genocide against me? I did not
stop at that, I also forwarded my complaint to the governor himself
through a text and I also forwarded the same text to the deputy
governor and then forwarded the text to the then national auditor who
is from my village, who is now a minister of state. There was no
response. The only response I got from the DG was that the governor
told him not to invite me and Akume. The DG called me to tell me that,
well, he is very sorry that he did not invite me because it wasn’t his
campaign but that the governor specifically told him not to invite me
and Akume and of course I did not ask why.

Disallowed from Receiving Jonathan in Benue

As if that was not enough, when President Goodluck Jonathan visited
Benue state and the governor decided to invite three people from each
local government and I was not invited. I am not boasting,
politically, I count myself worthy because I merited it, I worked for
it, I achieved it through the grace of God. So, if you are choosing
three Benue people to see Mr. President, I should be among the three.
If you are choosing two Tiv people to be in that place, I must be
among them, but this time it was not even based on senatorial, but
local government. In my local government he invited three people to
come and have a chat with the President and I was not invited. I again
met the governor and complained.

The last one that broke the Carmel’s back was the governor himself
going to Bejiba, the headquarters of Guma local government which is my
local government to launch his campaign, I was with the governor two
days earlier precisely on Sunday and he went to my village on Tuesday,
he did not tell me and nobody invited me and I said a word is enough
for the wise. If you were in my shoes what would you do? Not that I
was completely absent at each of the occasions. I don’t want to quit
politics yet and I don’t want these little homeless politicians to
retire me yet, I want to teach them the supremacy of the game. Then
the ACN of which I was not their member at that time, until on the
March 3, invited me to give a talk as a guest speaker at their
launching and I told them to put it in writing. So, the Director
General of the campaign, Prof. David Iornem wrote me that based on my
accumulated experiences, that they were inviting me even though not as
a member of their political party, but a worthy son of Benue, to give
a talk to the young generation. When I got that letter I kept it. So
when they went to my village and they did not tell me, I said this was
enough signal for me to quit the PDP. I am old and intelligent enough
to know when the game is up and the appropriate time to quit the
stage. So, on that day I went to Gboko as a guest speaker and after I
made my presentation as a guest speaker I subsequently declared my
membership of the Action Congress of Nigeria and that is how I became
a member of the ACN and I am so happy for the performance that we
achieved. At least we have shown that we are not an easy push over and
I am satisfied. I am one of the founding fathers of the PDP in Benue
and just for these young boys to honour you and give one his due
respect, they denied me of it.

I then said to myself, I won’t go near there so that no one would pour
soup on my face and if I go to complain, they would say by the way who
invited you? What justification do I stand to explain and they may
even charge me of inciting crisis and since I needed peace, I decided
to opt out and that is why I am in ACN and I have achieved the goals
of going to the ACN.


  1. Saakaa Rumun says:

    Really appreciate prof. J.K.N Waku for his matured part play in politics. I call him prof. Because he deserve to be call prof. In politics because as far as politics in benue state is concern and nigeria at whole. When prof. Was in senate he performed very vibrantly he is indeed a hero in politics, so boys like murdere suswam should be steping on his toe. Saint


  2. Johnmark Okafor says:

    Prof. J.K.N Waku is my very good friend since 1991 before i lost contact with him when i left benue to enugu i pray to meet him one on one again please how do contact him here is my number 08032785235 Johnmark by name.thanks


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