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Former senate minority leader and All Nigeria Peoples party stalwart, Prof. Daniel Iorkegh Saror, has declared that in as much as president Jonathan is called Goodluck, he needs to be more decisive to lead Nigeria.

Citing the incessant cases of secteran violence, corruption and academic breakdown in the nation, he said president Jonathan needed to do more to rid the nation of its ills.

“Goodluck is a lucky man as his name suggests but he has not given many of us confidence that he is prepared to lead this country and take it forward. He has to be bold enough to take decisions and implement them because he is going to be president once in his lifetime… let him do away with this massive and senseless corruption that has become the bane of our development. Without that this country cannot move forward”. He noted.

Saror, who spoke to journalists in his makurdi residence, decried the trend of religious extremism in the north. According to him, northern leaders should take cue from the west where he said though both religions were present, but the region was devoid of rancour and violence.

“…they have no problem. Even today, the governor of Oyo state, his wife is a christian and they have children… but come to the north they have made religion a divisive issue and I am convinced that unless we in the north address this issue squarely and stop pretending”. Saror acknowledged.

The elderstatesman and ANPP gubernatorial candidate in the April elections also took a swipe at the Benue state governor Rt. Hon. Gabriel Suswam and the present senate minority leader, sen. George Akume, to whom he attributed the backwardness of the state.

He emphasized that in the twelve years of PDP rule, out of which Akume held sway in eight, the state has recorded no achievements. Explaining further Saror, categorically said that even the factories which were erstwhile commissioned in the previous administration were non-functional or were not actually established.

He noted. “Even the then Governor,George Akume that spent eight years, the things that he said he did like fruit juice factory Katsina-Ala, which is non-existent, the tomato factory in Wanune, the fertiliser blending plant is also non-functioning in the twelve years of PDP rule. The unemployment line has grown in Benue State. The poverty has gone worse, the rural decay has continued, education is on the decline.”

Also expressing some nostalgia, the septuagarian recalled what he described as the glory days of Nigeria when everything was fine and the polity was devoid religious violence and bigotry.

It is important to note that Saror who contested the last governorship election against Suswam and is at the law courts contesting the outcome of that election recently organised a birthday party which turned out to be a gathering of opposition leaders in the state where fellow contestant, Prof. Steve Ugbah, led a huge enthourage of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), supporters to the arena where it turned a free for all fight against the governor who was neither there nor sent a representative.

  1. SUNDAY HYUNDU says:

    A C N should launch campain in MBABUR WARD.In GWER, L G


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