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(Sema Wan U Tiv)
No 6 Abu king Shuluwa Road,
P.O. Box 1888
Makurdi, Benue state.
Date: 22nd September, 2011.

Your Excellency,
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR,
Aso Rock Presidential Villa,

Mr. President Sir,


My name is Chief Abu King Shuluwa, a frontline politician, statesman
and Human Rights Crusader. His Excellency, you will recall that I had
written series of letters to you in issues of National interest in our
unfolding political struggles. On such occasions, I had attempted
analysis of our political situation and the contending factors of
interest, usually bordering on fair allocation and distribution of
patronage, as key determinants of stability and development.
This letter is written in good faith, out of my resolve to promote and
strengthen the goals of unity and stability in defence of our much
cherished democratic value of Social Justice and Good Governance. The
letter is also intended to serve as a reference material on issues of
fair sharing and allocation in this dispensation.
Needless to emphasize that the fair distribution of available
opportunities with equanimity is a solution to the issues of
domination and marginalization which are largely responsible for the
protracted post election security challenges and crisis in the polity.
To begin with, the appointment of Comrade Abba Moro as
Pro-Chancellor/Chairman of Governing Council of the Federal University
of Agriculture was greeted with great enthusiasm by the local
community, and Benue people in general, given his outstanding
qualities and popularity derived from his political antecedents. Under
his watchful superintendence and supervision, the University witnessed
significant policy changes and equally administered a successive
transition in the Registry that saw to the end of the ten years tenure
of Dr S. A. Ede and the coming on board of Mrs. Ohemu as the new
Recently, the entire Benue people were overwhelmed with joy over the
appointment of Comrade Abba Moro as Minister of the Federal Republic
of Nigeria because it affirms the positive appraisal of his
administrative style by the Benue community.
Secondly, such an appointment is a message of recognition that is only
available for critical stakeholders in nation building and as much as
such the Benue people are now poised to grant more support and
partnership to the Jonathan Administration for this worthy
recognition, henceforth.
However, the general expectation and public sympathy for this
appointment began to dwindle with certain unfolding and discomforting
events, especially that Comrade Abba Moro in total disregard to
existing norms, moral conscience and even his progressive toga as a
Comrade, is left to carry on with the two appointments by Mr.
President, as Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in charge of
Interior Ministry and as Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Governing
Council, University of Agriculture, Makurdi.
This obnoxious insistence has far reaching implications for all
service related issues and particularly for our political culture and
future as a government and people.
Firstly, in the political constellation such as the democracy we have
in place today, appropriating double appointment opportunities is an
exhibition of selfish greed and insensitivity to the plight and
interest of the majority. Suffice it to say that Comrade Abba Moro was
only favored and chosen to advance an interest to the extent to which
he has been elevated. He never sat for any examinations to earn
monopoly on any of the hijacked jobs.
Therefore, it is a political miscalculation and a threat to peace and
stability for one person to occupy two critical positions that weigh a
great influence of political patronage in a state like Benue with
array and parade of great political and administrative statesmen, who
have remained deliberately relegated and disempowered by ill-motivated
political factors.
It is inconceivable that a cabinet Minister with an important
portfolio such as interior Ministry comprising serious parastatals and
organs such as Immigration, Prisons, civil Defence etc will still be
left to retain the Chairmanship/Pro-chancellorship of the Federal
university of Agriculture that is the biggest Federal government
presence in Benue state and North-Central.
From every indication, perhaps either the Honourable Minister or those
responsible for his appointment are likely harbouring a despicable
agenda by allowing him remain on top of the University Administration
with a dual official carriage.
Secondly, the Honourable Minister’s oversight functions are now across
board with deep contradictory roles. This action is less noble and
totally at variance with established standards because the offices of
Honourablee Minister and Pro-chancellor are both prestigious
presidential appointments by the President and Commander-in-Chief.
Whatever this duplicated appointments means is in the best wisdom and
imagination of Mr. President, but a great disservice is already done
to neglected class of politicians who worked so hard for the party’s
victory and who are available and competent.
Thirdly, we are seriously disturbed about the image problems of such
misdemeanor, that Federal Character, fair distribution and Justice are
curiously undermined and compromised just to please a particular
person or group of people invariably, the vibrant political class in
Benue have been short changed by this undue double patronage,
irrespective of their qualification and contributions to the victory
of the PDP at all levels.
Fourthly, we are equally disturbed that President Jonathan’s pledge
for transparency and accountability has overlooked this grave and
offensive acts of financial criminality, we make bold to state here
that Comrade Abba Moro is enjoying dual financial obligations as
Minister and pro-chancellor of the Federal University. This practice
is unacceptable.
From all ramifications, this is a crime against the state and
humanity; it is a ridicule of our political culture and ethics, as
well as an injustice for the oppressed citizens who are helplessly

We pray that in the name of god of Justice and our passion for the
continued corporate and peaceful existence of the University and the
state, Comrade Abba Moro should kindly vacate the seat of
Pro-chancellor and Chairman of Governing Council and concentrate on
his Ministerial responsibility. This sacrifice is necessary as it is
pertinent for sustainable peace, unity and development of our state.
Your Excellency, sir, you are to note the seriousness of this matter,
considering that this development has continued to generate serious
anxieties and is capable of creating a restive environment among the
Majority of those who worked so hard in Benue to ensure your victory
and that of the PDP at the general elections. It is therefore in your
wisdom and understanding to address this issue with all its deserving

I remain,

Yours faithfully,

Chief Abu King Shuluwa
Sema wan-u-Tiv

  1. ukeyima craig tersoo says:

    i am actually baffled at how we politicize everything in benue state. the comrade minister is a free spirited ,democratic and sensitive minded individual who has done nothing else but provide quality leadership to the university of agriculture makurdi amidst his tight schedule as minister. he has not for once demonstrated a sense of sit tight syndrome suggestive that he wants to keep the two position,yet shuluwa writes that in the interest of peace he must step down. haba shuluwa how petty can u get?


  2. ukeyima craig tersoo says:

    again one wonders in what capacity shuluwa qualifies to cry unbehalf of benue state when both the university community and the government of beue state has not complained. funny enough it is not as if the position of council chairman has attached with it any salary,how hard is it to appreciate one’s patriotic effort. haba shuluwa,and every reasoning like him.


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