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Makurdi the Benue state capital yesterday witnessed heavy downpour of rain which flooded many parts of the state capital. The rain which lasted from the early hours of the morning till day break caused parts of Wurukum market , a major market in Makurdi to over pour with water from the drainages.
The market which is one of the major hubs of commercial activities resultantly, witnessed poor turnout of traders and buyers as many shops were seen to be flooded by water from the drainages. Traders had to wait for the water to drain far into the day before commencement of commercial activities.
Speaking to ati terkula, a trader Dubem Nwafor, said this is a common occurance once there was a heavy down pour and called the government to come to their aid by providing proper drainage system and facilities for the market.
It can be recalled that the Benue state government began work on a modern market where the present market is to be relocated but the project is taking a staggering progression.
Meanwhile in another part of the state capital, on Gboko road called Gyado villa students of the Benue State University took to the streets in protest of what they termed poor environmental conditions in the area dominated by students.
The students who blocked the major highway interrupting traffic, complained that whenever it rained they had to either miss lectures or wade through water which many times was knee length to get to the major road that took them to school.
“We are tired of swimming to school and so we have decided to call the attention of the government to this area. Most of us here are students and are forced to mkiss school, we beg the government to come to our aid , he should hurry to gyado villa like in other areas.” Agba Titus, a student, lamented.

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