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Owing to the fallout of negotiations between Petroleum Tanker Drivers (PTD) and the Benue State Government, over 20 million Naira compensation for destruction of their property in 2007, members of the PTD in Makurdi yesterday embarked on a strike action, refusing to lift products to filling stations in the state.

The union Chairman. Alh. Musa Plato who spoke to ati terkula, said the strike action was a directive from the union’s headquarters in illorin. He said the union had decided to take the action because the state government was according to him dragging her feet in the payment of the compensation agreed upon by the government.

According to him, the union had written five letters to the state government to which they were replied in March 2011 to expect payment which the government failed to redeem as a result the national secretariat last week gave directives that there should be not lifting of products by members of the union until payment is effected.

“actually there is a disagreement between NUPENG/PTD and the state government… so last week the national president in Kwara directed that the state wing should go on strike to ensure the government pays the money. We were directed to stop supply of products to stations in the state.” Alh. Plato said.

The PTD chairman also added that there has been negotiations between the government and the union and hopes were high that the strike will soon be called off as the government had opened talks with the union through the Secretary to the State Government, DR.David Salifu.

“ …even yesterday I was with the Secretary to the State Government pleading with him to mpay atleast part of the money he has agreed to look into it. As soon as the money is paid we will go back to work. He promised to pay and we are hopeful they pay.”He assured.

On their part the Independent Petroleum Marketers Chairman, Mr. James Tor told ati terkula that his union was not part of the strike but the scarcity felt in Makurdi was as a result of the refusal of PTD to supply products to dealers. He promised to join in talks with the PTD with the hope of restoring normalcy in the petroleum sector.

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