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Governor Gabriel Suswam of Benue State has headed to the supreme court
to contest the decision of the appeal court led by Justice Abubakar
Gumel. Court of Appeal, sitting in Makurdi, within ordered that the
case of certificate forgery against the incumbent Governor Gabriel
Suswam of Benue State should be retried by the state Election
Petitions Tribunal.
Ruling on the appeal filed by the governorship candidate of All
Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP), Prof. Daniel Saror, the appellate court
held that the lower tribunal erred by holding that the certificate
issue had nothing to do with the election of Suswam, when it actually
formed part of the conditions for his qualification for the election.
The Appeal court in its ruling directed that the case which was
earlier dismissed by the elections petitions  tribunal as a
pre-election matter be tried by a new tribunal to be constituted for
the purpose .
In a press statement made available to ati terkula, the governor
who spoke through his Special Adviser Media and Public Affairs, Dr.
Cletus Akwaya, Governor Suswam said he was not satisfied with the
court judgement and was headed for the supreme court to challenge the
The governor also stated that his faith in the tribunal remained
unshakable which according to the statement explained his reason for
proceeding to the supreme court. Taking a swipe at the opposition he
chided that in as much he is dissatisfied with the ruling, he was
determined to wait on the supreme court rather than resort to insults
as according to him is the practice of the opposition.
“unlike the opposition parties who reign insults and abuses on judges
of the Election petitions Tribuna, Governor Suswam has taken this
judgement with philosophical calmness.” The satement read in part.
The governor has further sued fro calmness from members of the
People’s Democratic Party (PDP), and the people of the state asking
for their support as his legal team heads to the supreme court.

  1. Abel Ternenge says:

    Destiny of a man is secured by God.Gear on SUSWAM.


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