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• State to start payment in November

Owing to the fall out of the negotiations between the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the state gobernment over the payment of the 18% minimum wage, benue workers and labor leaders are calling for the removal of the congress’ statechairman , Comrade Simon Anchaver. Amidst these protestest by the Benue state workers, the labor leader has said he has given the state workers the best salary negotiation among the 36 states of the federation.
Reacting to the letter of ‘vote of no confidence on the leadership of the Nigerian Labour Congress in Benue state’, signed by 177 workers drawn from various sections in the stsate, Anchaver said the letter constitute an illegality and contravenes the provisions of the constitution of NLC.
Comrade Anchaver explained that even though he was not able to pass information immediately across the industrial unions in Benue state given the time that they finished the meeting on the N18,000 minimum wage negotiation with the Benue state government , they had the best negotiation and when implemented Benue workers salary will be ranked among the highest in the country.
“Benue Governemnt has agreed to give us what we wanted and the agreeement has been signed by the Trade Union Congress, the Nigerian Labour Congress, the Joint Negotiation Concil the governor and the necessary government officials including the Attorney General of the state. What we have done here is not different from what the federal government has done or other states are doing,” Anchaver noted.
He said the NLC, TUC and JNC has got the Benue state government committed to pay the N18000 National Minimum Wage, and that was why they had to suspend the strike action that was proposed to take place 29th September 2011.
According to Anchaver, governement told the Labour Union that there was no provisional budget for the salary and given the amount involved in paying of the eigteen thousand naira minimum wage, the state governor nor the state executive councils has no powers to approve it until it is sent to state assembly for approval before payment will commence.
He disclosed that with the implementation of the minimum wage, Benue government will be spending N2 billion monthly for payment to workers as against N2.4 billion to N2.5 billion being received by the state from the Federal Allocation.
“Government has agreed to commence payment of the minimum wage in November, but the arrears will start from August, so these were the reasons why we had to call off the strike,” he said.

  1. wisdom says:

    As a matter of fact, has this not confirm the bribe issue? Is it hw the chairman wnts 2 prove dat they didnt collect such money? Why must they always compromise. They b rmovd. Am making d vote 178 for their removal. What hapens 2 d rest arreas? To their pocket, abi? EFCC wil nt see this one yet o.


  2. Mike A. says:

    Benue NLC is corrupt. No two ways about it. D best thing is to remove them. And they should apologise to Benue Workers for their misdeeds. The pressure on Anchaver should be sustained. He shouldn’t get away with it.


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