Posted: September 14, 2011 in akume george, BENUE, federal, makurdi, WATER IN BENUE

The Boko Haram Islamic sect last week unleashed its biggest upset so far, the bombing of the United Nations (UN) building in Abuja. The blast which claimed a number of lives (the exact figure now conflicting) is the deadliest and the costliest of all attacks and attempts by this sect.
Boko Haram, an Islamic sect that believes that western education is a sin, surfaced initially in the mid 2010 with attacks at strategic places in the northern part of Nigeria, causing pain and fear in the lives of those who reside in these parts.
The sect which concentrated on the northern axis of the country has now moved its operations further and is even bragging of having executioners by way of suicide bombers all round the country.
When this started, everyone thought it a joke, a threat soon to be outlived; unfortunately this was never to be. They attacked the nation’s capital-the first time such an incident ever happened and Nigerians realized this had grown from a little morsel to a big, full fledged pandemic.
What did Mr. President say when Abuja was on fire on 1st October 2010, our glorious 50th anniversary? What action did he take when Louis Edet house, the Nigerian Police Headquarters, was attacked? What does he do when thousands are killed and scores displaced in Borno and other parts of northern Nigeria? What will he do now that the international community is involved, with the attack on the building that houses all nationalities in the world?
Goodluck it is, I hold for the escalating cases of violence and the increasing attacks by this insolent sect. His actions and inactions add up to encouragement for this bloodthirsty bunch.
How and where on earth does a president defend a group who laid claim to an act of terror? Unimaginable it may seem but Oga Johnny, Nigeria’s president, on the occasion of the unfortunate Eagle square bombing exonerated the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) who claimed it carried out the attack but instead he preferred to politicize this act by accusing northern politicians of this act. What a joke!
The same MEND who alongside other dissidents from the Niger Delta decided to take up arms against the state have today been called to the Aso rock which very few of us are privileged to see even the gates and have been compensated for wasting their productive time and destroying government property. Many of them now live in government paid residences in high brow areas in big cities driving the best of cars. With hundreds of unemployed in the nation, what better means is there to earn a good living?
Today some charlatans from the north have decided to take arms against the state, in the same Niger Delta militant style they have demanded for a round table negotiation. What are they negotiating? To abolish education or to ascertain its legality?
Who ever is concerned with making us feel safe, this is the time to act decisively and not play politics with our lives.
Nota Bene
Come to think of it, if western education is bad, why did the suicide bomber not come ridding on a horse wielding a sword? How come the spokes person for the sect uses western equipments like telephones and even the internet to communicate rather than town criers and mail bearers? Why does the sect implore the use of western weapons like guns and bombs instead of swords, arrows and spears like the quranic jihadists? Please let us get wise! These people need a lift, come out and say it!

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