Posted: September 9, 2011 in BENUE
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Hope awoke in the camp of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), last week when the National and State Assembly tribunal sitting in Benue nullified the election of Benue state House of Assembly speaker, Hon. Terhemen Tarzoor of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

The tribunal led by Justice Julius Nwigwe, declared the ACN’s Hon. Avine Agbum winner of the last State Assembly polls for the Makurdi North state constituency.  The decision which was arrived at after the tribunal nullified the votes from tsetsav polling booth. The ACN candidate had earlier submitted a petition contesting the result of the polling booth where he pulled only eight votes as against Hon. Tarzoor’s 260 votes.

After preliminary examination by the tribunal, the results emanating from the booth were nullified thereby automatically making Agbum who then had total of 10457 votes to become winner of the election based on majority votes casted as Hon. Terhe Tarzoor who was left with 10351 votes.

Speaking exclusively to atiterkula, former Benue Assembly member and opposition leader of the ACN, Hon. Nanevwua Uhondo, who is also at the tribunal contesting the outcome of the Makurdi\Guma federal constituency election results, hailed the tribunal’s judgment which he said has been received with joy by the party. Expressing his hopes that with the development, he hopes his and other and other cases before the tribunal will receive the same treatment.

Meanwhile counsel to The Speaker, Bar.Emmanuel Inyarev, told newsmen after the ruling that they were not satisfied with the ruling and were heading for the appellate court to get justice.

In a related development, ther is uncertainty about where the speakership will be zoned to if the appeal court does not rule in favour of Hon. Tarzoor.

It can be recalled that the speakership was originally zoned to the Benue –North-East senatorial district of the state but the zone may loose this seat if the appellate court upholds the tribunal ruling as most of the legislatures from that zone are from the opposing ACN, with the only one left in the PDP been a first timer in the house. With the situation, the Benue-North-West is juggling to clinch this position.

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