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Established in the mid 1990’s, the Federal Medical Centre(FMC), situated in state capitals nation wide, is supposed to be a model medical establishment for all others in the state to follow suit. It was intended to be a mega clinic where health needs of the common man will met.

In Benue State, when the General hospital Makurdi, had its structures usurped by the Federal Government, converting them to FMC, many gave a sigh of relief as this development was viewed as the panacea to all the health brouhaha in the state. It was created, effective, cheap and comforting to the soothing of the common man. When the centre started up, it was a mini-specialist hospital, Benue people thronged in to have their earlier perceived incurable ailments treated. It was even believed to be the backbone of the idea to situate a medical college in the state owned university, using FMC as the temporary teaching hospital.

Unfortunately, it has become a shadow of its intended self as it as descended from its high place of pride and distinction to a place of scorn and shame, even as the Federal Medical centre has been restaffed  through regular recruitment into various positions as well as infrastructural provision amongst other amenities by the state government. This degeneration according to national accord findings, is owed to a number of factors ranging from selfishness, negligence and lack luster attitude and infrastructural issues as analysed below.

National accord discovered that in as much as doctors, nurses and other essential health services hold the fate of patients in their palm, staff and medical personnel of FMC take this for granted as it is evident in their attitude towards patients in and around the hospital. This lack lustre behavior many times hastens or even causes the death of patients admitted in this hospital. Speaking to national accord, a victim of such negligence, Terdoo Dent, 18 yrs, narrated how she had been sleeping on a hospital bed in the amenity ward for four days waiting for an appendix operation which had been long due but suspended due to lack of bed space. Unfortunately when she was informed of bed space availability, and was eventually handed a bed space she was left unattended to for three long days until a visiting family member complained to staff who in turn feigned ignorance of her alleged admission and even dared to charge her for bed owing to the days she was wrongly kept in the hospital until one Dr. Dagba intervened.

This is only one of such numerous cases of negligence amongst staff, a nurse who on account of anonymity blamed the situation on the doctors whom she claimed frustrated government efforts so as to direct traffic to their private hospitals and clinics operated in town.

“…even when we book cases, these doctors will not attend to them (patients) so that when they are tired of waiting then the patients will blame the hospital and they will take them to their clinics for treatment”. She lamented.

In as much as the federal government has constantly engaged personnel, there is constant lack in doctors, especially specialists. Our research exposed that the Ear, Neck and throat (ENT) clinic has only one specialist who usually visits from Kaduna only on Thursdays when he attends to only twenty of the many cases piled up for him in an allowed time of 8:00am – 12:00pm. A situation which causes a log jam of cases and patients for the next clinic day, having to rush to the hospital as early as 6:00am to book for a space to see the specialist.

Although the hospital had since inception been housed in a temporary structure that belonged to Makurdi General Hospital, it recently moved to a bigger space fit for her . Built by the Benue State Government, a gesture to encourage the provision of quality health care. In as much as this kind gesture is promising and positive, it has proven to come with it another major problem as the hospital now has divided administration of some sort making monitoring difficult.

The new structure situated at Apir a community 18 kilometers from Makurdi centre accommodates most of the out-patient wards from emergency to amenity without a functional administrative post as the official seat of authority is still the old premises of the hospital including the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), thus causing patients to shuttle between Apir and Makurdi a situation worsened by the fact that the hospital owns only one ambulance car which at the time of filling this report was broken down. Staff of the hospital have also at instances lamented the situation of the hospital, claiming to have been attacked by hoodlums on the way to work due tolack of security. Although there is a staff bus that conveys staff to and fro work, it does not cater for those that come to work on shifts of late evenings making them easy prey for bandits.

  1. Comfort says:

    oh! too bad. Nigeria we hail thee!!!! do we have any hope getting out of this mess n moving on ahead?


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