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As the independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) announced
results of the just concluded state wide National Assembly elections
with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) winning majority seats, the
political atmosphere has taken a dramatic twist. In as much as the
elections witnessed some level of irregularities and violence amidst
low turnout of voters, many electorates commend the conduct of the
elections. The results which churned out a sea of surprises among
indigenes, was also greeted with pockets of violence mainly in the
state capital Makurdi where three vehicles were burnt and a couple of
people injured. There was also a protest by a group of youths who took
to the streets with placards to show their disapproval of the
announced results.
Not minding the outcome of this results many watchers believe it will
change the face of politics in the state as it is likely to influence
in which direction the pendulum is likely to swing.
This situation has further increased calls and the desire amongst
opposition parties in the state for a united front against the ruling
party in the forthcoming gubernatorial polls. Sources involved in this
movement have disclosed that there had been an initial move towards
possible alliance of opposition in the state but unfortunately they
hit brick walls as neither of the parties involved was willing to
shift grounds especially in favour of the Action Congress of Nigeria
(ACN), Prof. Steve Ugbah, who they perceive is a newcomer into the
political arena and should instead give way to the more experienced
Before the National Assembly elections, the state was awash with the
concept of “change” with the intent of a total overhaul of all seating
elected officers of the PDP, with Sen. George Akume leading the
bandwagon that carried along a majority of the state’s youths
brandishing brooms in their bid to sell the idea of change.
Opposition parties were the most visible political parties in the
state not minding which it was. Prior to the polls every watcher
predicted the decline of the PDP and the ascension of the opposition
especially the ACN, this to their chagrin has become the reverse.
This has popped up a big question in the minds of political analysts
and observers – is this magic going to repeat in subsequent elections?
With the presidential elections swiftly on the heels of this shocker,
an election where thers is also a united chant for Sai Buhari and
chengi Dole, even when the North-Central zonal coordinator of the
Goodluck- Sambo campaign is the governor of the state, Hon. Gabriel
Suswam, much is expected of this election. It is perceived by many as
the preview to Benue’s final showdown- the gubernatorial elections.
If the chants translate into votes with Buhari clearing the polls
nationwide or otherwise then the Benue gubernatorial polls will take
an interesting dimension.
It is believed that the presidential race as concerns Benue State is
between Muhammadu Buhari and Goodluck Jonathan as such whoever wins
the race largely brightens the chances of his party gubernatorial
candidate as Benue state is not known to favour opposition politics.
As a result of such perceived victory there may likely be a
demonstrative effect in the gubernatorial polls which is common in
Benue politics as electorates tend to swing to the winning side.
The second position likely to play out will definitely be in favour of
the CAN. Owing to the postponement of the Benue – North senatorial
elections and a host of other federal constituency elections, there
could be a bandwagon effect as in previous elections where electorates
voted for the most popular movement, which in this case will be the
ACN, as the people plan to massively vote for Sen. George Akume and
his cronies. Since both the postponed elections and the gubernatorial
polls have been slated for the same day, illiteracy and bandwagon
effect which usually plays a very important role in Benue elections
may work in favour of the ACN coupled with the people’s sympathy for
Sen. Akume who has had a running battle with the state governor.

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