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With the stage set for the final showdown with the April 2 elections preluding, swords have been drawn for the greatest gladiator battle ever. According to watchers, senatorial elections of April 2nd will go a long way to point in the direction of the subsequent polls; they are believed to shape the outcome of ensuing results.
In as much as much is expect of this election all round the nation, the battle to watch may those to be fought in Benue’s three senatorial districts.
Of all the battles to be fought on this turf this elections may not only shape succeeding ones but also prove to be the toughest as there is not only political rivalry but also pride at stake in the different political turfs.
This senatorial district is home to two political heavy-weights; it is going to be a battle royale to be fought retired generals. This is a battle between the Senate President Sen. David Mark and long standing rival, Gen. Lawrence Onoja (rtd). This will not be the first outing of these familiar foes, but these may certainly be the toughest of their battles as this time they fight on separate platforms for the ultimate price.
Joining forces with Alh. Usman Abubakar who is belived in many quarters to have won the 2007 elections, Gen. Onoja believes to posses the key pin down his fellow general in the ballots while also counting on the popularity of his party the ACN. Sen. Mark counts to his advantage his buoyant war chest, his relationship and backing of the president and governor as well as the power of incumbency as points in his favour. Watchers believe this will be a fight to finish as it is not only for the power but also for pride and relvance.
This is another interesting battle ground, as two old rivals who had met in twice in the PDP primaries with each coming victorious at one time other.
Sen. Joseph Akaagerger who is the flag bearer of the ACN, is slugging it out with former National chairman of the PDP and BOT member, Chief Barnabas Gemade.
Gemade who had been defeated by Akaagerger in the 2007 PDP primaries is now counting in the very much rumored close relationship with the president and support of the state governor, to prove to the people that he is not a spent force as many now believe, meanwhile Akaagerger is in the race to prove his superiority in strength which many are believing could be shadowed by Gemade who won him the last senatorial primary elections in the state, resulting in his decamping to ACN. For them it is not just a battle for power but a show of political prowess.
Not also to be underestimated in this race is Bar. Chris Hassan who coming as the dark horse could upset surprises with his party the CPC which has grown enormously in this zone especially the Vandeikya axis who also lay claim to the seat.
Here we are to also expect an exciting battle between two old friends. With no love lost between former speaker pro-tempore Hon. Terngu Tsegba of the PDP and his erstwhile benefactor, Sen. George Akume, former Governor of the state, who has decamped to the ACN, the stage is set for a battle to restore pride and relevance.
Before now both were of the same political families until Sen. Akume’s fallout with State governor, Hon. Gabriel Suswam, Hon. Tsegba found the opportunity to break out and carve a niche for himself by aligning with Suswam to strangle power from the grips of Sen. Akume. This led an accumulation of events which eventually resulted to the decamping of the Akume political group from the PDP to the ACN.
Now without the support of the state governor who will also stop at nothing to see Sen. Akume fail, is Hon. Tsegba hoping to outshine their former boss Akume. On his part Akume believes that his large followership in the state, his deep financial vault and Tsegba’s believed political immaturity will land him another term at the upper legislative chamber.

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