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With five days to the gubernatorial elections, the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), has taken a turn around decision to support Governor Gabriel Suswam in his bid to remain in the Benue government house after May 29 2011.
This decision which is as a result of a relationship gone sour between the members and selected officials of the party which in result has factionalized the party, was taken at a meeting held at the instance of the party’s gubernatorial candidate, Engr. Bisibi Ati with the party’s local and zonal chairmen in attendance.
The meeting had as its agenda issues of betrayal, high handedness and financial appropriation by some officials of the party and also to conduct a post mortem of the past elections. Those fingered were, State chairman, Hon. Adoyi Ojogbane, secretary, Mr. Unom, and the state BOT member, Mr. J.T Orkar, who are alleged to have collected an undisclosed amount from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) to concede their gubernatorial slot to either of the parties.
A source who attended the meeting confirmed the story saying “ Adoyi and Unom have been running this party like their family business, the one that has provoked us most is the fact that they had the courage to collect money from ACN and even announce that the party had given up the race for the ACN.We convened the meeting to know who gave them that mandate. What happened to the money in the party’s cofers.”
The source also confirmed that a communique has been drafted by the forum to that effect and also a 30 man committee has been set up to investigate the activities of the accused three.
The meeting which was heavily attended also had the Director General of Suswam’s campaign, Dr. Terhwmba Shija, who was invited in after the decision to pitch camps with Suswam. Shija who expressed his surprise and joy in the decision of the CPC to back Suswam promised to constitute a committee to see to concrete arrangements and agreements between the CPC and Suswam.
In a related development the party’s Secretary, Mr. Unom has announced their decision to disown the candidature of Engr. Bisibi Ati who they in turn have accused of anti party activities.
These decisions a believed to have emanated from grudges from the sale of nomination forms and money contributed by aspirants for the purpose of campaigns. This money is alleged to have been put in the pockets of the Party’s chairman, BOT member and state secretary. On their party the trio accused Engr. Ati of lack of seriousness in his gubernatorial bid and thus their decision to pitch tents with the Action Congress of Nigeria.
In his reaction to the accusation Engr. Ati, blamed the trio of Orkar, Unom and Adoyi of their love for money and desire to make sure every aspirant was frustrated owing to their failure to fill their pockets to their satisfaction.
National Accord gathered that the said people were also begrudged because they had on various occasions gone into similar agreements with other parties during previous elections to satisfy their personal motives particularly accusing the state chairman of having an agreement with the ACN during the senatorial elections to frustrate his party’s candidate during that election.
meanwhile the batle line is drawn, for the soul of the CPC and also who occupies the Benue government house after may 29 2011 now that the second viable oposition party in the state is at war with itself.

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