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It was a high class drama that reached the climax on Tuesday over demonstrations either for or against in Abuja as over 500 nigerian youths belonging to different Organizations and their leaders pulled out of a planned anti-Yar’Adua’s  protest on march saying they have realized a grand design by some politicians to use them in destabilizing the polity.

The Youth which later formed a coalition said they were offered N5,000 per participants by some politicians with the aim of getting ailing President Yar’Adua sacked from office through protest that may likely become violent.

The Youth coalition Organization made up of Nigeria Youth Leaders council, Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo Youths, South West Youth council, Union of Niger Delta Youths Groups, Nigeria students leaders council, National Union of Northern Nigeria Youths, Constitutional Democracy Initiative and Leadership Watch Initiative equally alleged plots by some highly powerful people in and out of government to destabilize the polity under the cover of President Yar’Adua’s health.

The Coalition under the aegis of Alliance of Democracy Defenders and leadership of Nigeria youth leaders council said that if the move by some of the desperate politicians is not checked, it could plunge the nation into political instability all in an attempt to capture political power through what they call ‘the back door’.

Addressing journalists later at a press conference the Joint convener of the Coalition Mr. Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere said that some forces are desperately working to oust President Yar’Adua by lining up several other programs and rallies just to overheat the polity and create a possible anarchy in the country.

Mr. Ugochinyere further said that Nigerian youths have evidence to show that in the coming days ahead some desperate politicians have lined out plans aimed at overheating the polity in a bid capture what does not belong to them.

According to Ugochinyere; “We wish to state that Nigeria youths will not stand and watch the process of forceful removal of validly elected President. We are aware that some politicians are not happy that the President is recovering and would soon bounce back to work thus have embarked on blackmail and political hatred just to stop him.”

He therefore vowed to unmask the identity of the Nigerians politicians that paid some of their members to join the anti-Yar’Adua protest scheduled for yesterday, a plan he stressed was foiled by the Project Director of Leadership Watch, comrade Chimazie who he said claimed to have been paid to hire over 1000 youths to join the anti-Yar’Adua’s protest.

In his own brief, Mr. Chimazie explained that he decided to pull out when he discovered that certain politicians had hijacked the protest for selfish interest adding that most of the protests in the past were heavily funded to destroy the nation’s democracy.

  Culled from SUN NEWSPAPER

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